Massages & Therapies

Relaxing Massage

A real Antistress Massage, which increases blood circulation, oxigenates the tissues and relax your senses to get a very deep state of relaxation.

Price: € 45,00  (55 minutes)

Deep Tissue Massage


A stronger full body massage to release tensions and decontract the muscles of back, shoulders, neck and legs. 

Price: € 50,00  (55 minutes)

Traditional Thai Massage

This massage is performed on a futon on the floor wearing comfortable clothes. It is a sequence of circulatory compressions, stretching and reflex stimulations that brings you a deep sense of physical and mental peace.


Price: € 50,00  (50 minutos)

Foot Reflexology


Therapeutic massage that applies different compression techniques on reflex areas of the foot, that are related to our organs and glands, optimizing its performance.

Price: € 40,00  (45 minutes)

Head Neck Shoulder Massage

Focused on the muscles and tissues of the face, head and neck, this treatment will provide a fantastic sense of deep relaxation.

Price: € 40,00  (45 minutes)


Lanna Tok Sen

Developed in the area between Cambodia and Laos, Lanna Tok Sen is a technique of massage that uses wooden tools similar to hammer and chisel. Through a light but firm pressure on the muscles, it  creates waves that spread throughout the body. It is very useful against muscle fatigue of athletes, but also to solve postural problems and pains in the neck, back, legs, shoulders.

Price: € 60,00  (50 minutes)



Reiki comes from Japan and it is a practice based on the imposition of hands in different areas and points of the body. It works on a physical level as well as on the emotional energetic level.


Price: € 40,00  (45 minutes)